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2019-06-09 20:00:00
Clutch Gamers

100 Thieves vs Clutch Gamers

2019-06-09 16:57:48Posted by Petar

On paper, this is a clash between the ninth and tenth ranked teams from the 2019 LCS Spring Split. Hardly anything worth getting excited about. But then again, Clutch Gaming have been able to not only upset on a fairly frequent basis, but they've also displayed a fair bit of potential.

They're still figuring out how they want to play the game as a five-man unit, and that's a layered, complex process that's also filled with trial and error. We've seen more than enough in order to give them our benefit of the doubt -- at least in this clash specifically. Their game against the Golden Guardians yesterday was an absolute shellacking, and we saw just how good Clutch can be when they're given the right tools.

It was a great sign of their innate potential and improvement, and if they play their cards right they shouldn't have too big of a problem in taking 100 Thieves down. They need to draft to their strengths (meaning no overly complicated win conditions or split-pushing) and play a simple team comp to the best of their ability. They're not the best team in the region and they should adapt to that fact accordingly.

Simple plays and team fighting should be the name of the game whenever Clutch Gaming step foot on stage. While their execution is far from clean, they'll have more than just a couple of chances at attaining success seeing how they're against a team of 100 Thieves' caliber.

That said, whenever two teams who are known for their volatility and sketchy decision making clash against one another, unexpected things tend to happen. This is probably going to be an absolute fiesta filled with bloodshed and constant skirmishing, so if you're looking for a safe bet then you should probably skip this game entirely.

Clutch Gamers 1.83 10 Win


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