August 2019 Competition

Esports prediction competition where you can win real money prizes. For August 2019 we have $200 in the prize pool.

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Leaderboard for August 2019 Competition
RankTipsterProfitBetsMain GamePrize
1 Vqx7 +19.11 4 StarCraft II $75
2 heitorpereira +7.29 8 League of Legends $75
3 shamalamadingdong +4.40 1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $25
4 jouleytv -3.00 1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $10
5 TheAnimationDude -3.50 4 StarCraft II
6 ipdelta -4.66 5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $40
7 salahsyh -8.00 1 Overwatch
8 Hanman69 -9.00 1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
9 Kavish89 -9.00 1 League of Legends
10 tor -10.00 1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
11 vvvv -13.88 11 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $25
12 arianaverast -16.00 4 League of Legends
13 Galaktikos -21.08 22 League of Legends $10
14 Petar -24.05 24 League of Legends
15 rainpainter -26.05 6 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

About the August 2019 Competition

The August 2019 competition will run for the whole month of August. That means that all matches that start after 1st of August 00:00 and end before 31st of August 23:59 will count towards the tally of the month. The prize pool is $150 for this competition and will be paid out accordingly, based on the tipsters that have the highest posted profit for the month:

  1. $75
  2. $40
  3. $25
  4. $10

In addition to the top profit posted by tipsters, we also will draw two random winners that will each receive $25 in prize money. This is to reward those that might not be as fortunate with their tips one month, but still want to be active in sharing their tips.

To be able to enter this draw you need to post a minimum of 5 tips during the month. Plenty of esports action to come up this month, so should be many big matches to post your opinions on these coming months.

All the winners from the August competition can be found here. Be sure to send us an email and claim your prizes!

The prizes will only be paid out via PayPal. After the month is over, the random draw will be announced on this page. We will try to contact you, but the winners each month is responsible for claiming their prizes within 20 days of the competition ends. Failing to do so would give us the right to forfeit your winnings.

All esport matches posted on our website will count for this competition. We can not promise that we will offer the opportunity to bet on matches that are not widely available for betting at the bigger bookmakers. In case of any dispute, our say is final.