Ubercharge Pinnacle Sports Pro-Am - Dota 2 Tournament

02 January 2014By: admin

In just a couple of days, January 4th to be exact, the first ever online bookmaker sponsored e-sports event is going down. The game in question is Dota 2 and it will feature 16 of the top teams in the game at the moment duking it out for the top spot in this tournament series which has a prize pool of €10.000.

As noted, the tournament starts in a couple of days and Pinnacle Sports will of course offer odds on the games, professional players will be casting all the 23 pro games (as well as the amateur exhibition match) all the way through the finals which will be played on the 12th of January.


The tournament format will feature a regular single elimination format, where the RO16, RO8 and RO4 will be Best of 3 matches and the finals will be Best of 5. The schedule has already been put in place and can be viewed on Pinnacle Sports e-Sports pages.

Teams participating in the Pro-Am tournament

Although there are plenty of great Dota 2 teams, these are the ones who made it through to the top 16 and will compete for the prize pool:

Play against the Pros!

Not only will this be an exciting Dota 2 tournament, containing the best of the best players, but this tournament will give the amateurs a chance to play against the pros! That is right, you who are sitting at home viewing the best duke it out can now try your hand at beating the best in the business.

The way this will be done is that five random people will be chosen to compose a team together and play against the five pro players in: N0tail (Fnatic), Singsing (Speed), Bulba (Team Liquid), 7ckingMad (Sigma) and Goblak (Rox.kis).

If you would like to try your luck, simply create an account at Pinnacle Sports and wager atleast $20 on the event. Once you've bet, win or lose, simply email with the subject "DotA 2 Competition" using the email address linked to your account to enter the draw.

Unfortunately, players from these countries are ineglible: USA, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, UK and you must be 18 years or older to gamble online.

View the live stream

All the games will be streame live, and you can watch them at who will be hosting the tournament.

Watch live video from joinDOTARed on