Tips for Staying Healthy During Long Gaming Sessions

31 March 2018By: adrian

Long gaming binges are no longer something to be ashamed of. This is the age of the competitive video game, so you can write those extended binges of as practice for your future in gaming.

But now that such binges are more common it’s important to make sure you stay healthy when undertaking them. It’s no good being a super rich and successful Twitch streamer or pro gamer if you have arthritic joints, poor posture and heart disease by the time you hit your forties. So, keep these tips in mind as you prepare for long sessions.

1. Eat and Drink

You need food. Without it your body will begin to shut down, chipping away at energy reserves and leaving you irritable and exposed. Make sure you find time to snack on healthy foods, something that is high in natural sugars and protein, as that will release energy slowly and keep you active for longer.

You should also drink water. If you’re worried about regular visits to the toilet impacting your gameplay, just sip little bits every now and then. It will keep you hydrated without triggering regular toilet breaks.

2. Avoid Junk Food

Junk food is high in fat and sugar. It’s okay in moderation, especially when you’re going to burn it off, but it’s not okay if you’re sitting still all day and eating nothing but fat, sugar and salt. Your body will retain water, store more fat and send you through peaks and dips because of the sugar.

Caffeine is okay in moderation, but heavier stimulants are not. Amphetamines are commonly abused by gamers, but if you die of a heart attack or suffer from a  crippling drug addiction before you hit 30 there isn’t much time to enjoy your new career. No wonder they introduce drug testing to esports.

3. Get a Good Setup

A rickety stool with no back and a hard surface is clearly not the best option, nor is a chair that will force you to bend forward at all times. Many gamers play in their bedrooms and sit on their beds, which means they are sitting on something soft and comfortable, but rarely have something soft and comfortable to lean back against,

There are ergonomic chairs, game controllers, keyboards and mice that you can buy to assist your body and stop your wrists and lower back from falling to pieces. It was a common and almost unavoidable issue with old-school gamers, but these days we have the tools at our disposal to stop it from happening, so be smart and protect your joints.

4. Rest Your Eyes

Staring at the screen for hours on end can mess with your eyes and your head. You need to take time to look away, even if it’s only for a few minutes. In an extended gaming session that requires your full concentration you can still find time to do this, looking away during loading screens, setup screens and anything else that is not in-depth gameplay.

5. Don't Forget to Sleep

If you deprive yourself of sleep for prolonged periods of time then you will gradually increase your risk of developing a host of physical and mental disorders. You may start to hallucinate and suffer from extreme confusion and if this continues then it could leave you with a serious illness.

A sleepless night here and there is okay, but it can still be avoided. Try to nap as often as you can and if you know you’re going to be playing for 15+ hours straight, get as much sleep as you can beforehand and afterwards. Don’t jump from binge to binge.