The International 2016 – Final Day

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The final day of the International 2016 of Dota 2 is upon us and we have taken a look at the three teams remaining, how we think the games will pan out, some betting tips and who we believe will stand victorious at the end.

Lower Bracket Preview

As we could expect from the biggest ever esports tournament, The International 2016 has delivered some epic matches, major excitements, plot twists and surprises. Now it all comes down to two more matches that will decide the ultimate winner of the champion’s title and the $9.000.000 first place prize, the largest in esports history.
In a somewhat unexpected development, Wings Gaming has managed to qualify to the finals by defeating the likes of Digital Chaos, MVP Phoenix and Evil Geniuses in the Upper Bracket, seemingly cutting through the tournament and absolutely dominating.

Now, Evil Geniuses will be looking to fight their way back and get revenge in the Grand Finals, but for that to happen they will first have to defeat Digital Chaos in the Lower Bracket, which will not be an easy feat either. Digital Chaos made their way into the Lower Bracket finals by defeating the likes of Fnatic, LDG Gaming and the surprise of the tournament, EHOME.

Evil Geniuses go into this match heavily favored by the bookies, with 8/15 odds to win match and make their way into the Grand Finals. Digital Chaos on the other hand stand 11/8 to win it but speaking historically and even just looking at this tournament, there is no doubt that EG are indeed the heavy favorites.

EG started the tournament off in a good way, coming second in their group, only behind OG who were absolutely on fire going into The International. Solid 9 out of 14 points assured them a place in the Upper Bracket and they never looked back until now. EG went on to defeat Newbee and EHOME, only to lose to a surprisingly strong Wings Gaming side.

Digital Chaos on the other hand had a much bumpier ride to the LB Finals. They too came second in their group behind EHOME, who shocked us all with their amazing performances. DC won 11 out of the 14 available points but were quickly eliminated to the lower bracket by Wings Gaming. From there they were forced to cut through a forest of opponents, including LGD Gaming, TNC Gaming, EHOME and Fnatic, but they did just that without breaking a sweat.

The match starts August 13th at 10:30 and the betting lines are already open. EG are pretty considerable favorites and at 8/15 I believe there is some value in the bet as EG will absolutely be looking to make their way into the Grand Finals at all costs. Being a better team and having shown more consistency in this tournament it seems that at this very moment Wings Gaming are really the only ones who can stop them.

If you are looking to go one step further and bet EG to just win it all, you can do so at the odds of 13/5, which would mean they have to win both remaining matches. Whether they can do this is not an easy question seeing recent Wings Gaming form, but if anyone can pull it off its EG. I believe there is some value in betting EG to win both the LB Finals and the tournament and if you want to do just that simply go through one of the links and place your bets while there is still time.

The International 2016 Finals Preview

We have just experienced what was probably the most exciting week in the history of competitive video gaming, and what else could have been expected from the biggest Dota 2 tournament ever to take place. We have seen some great teams live up to their expectations, others crash and burn early on in an embarrassing fashion and some lesser teams grab the bull by the horns to go quite far and win some major cash.

Now that all the dust has settled, it comes down to just three more teams. Wings Gaming have played a spectacular tournament and have now secured almost $4.000.000 for themselves by qualifying into the Grand Finals. The other Grand Finals participant is yet to be decided in the LB Finals, and you can see our preview of that match here.
I believe that participant will be EG as they are simply superior to Digital Chaos who they will be taking on in the LB Finals.

Back in the group stage it did not seem like Wings Gaming had what it takes to go too far. They came third in their group, behind OG and EG with just 8 points which was unimpressive to say the least. When the round robin started however, they truly found their wings and used the momentum to breeze into the Grand finals, defeating Digital Chaos 2:1, MVP Phoenix 2:0 and EG 2:0.

EG on the other hand also impressed quite a bit, but what will be concerning them the most is the fact that it was the team they will be facing off against in the finals, Wings Gaming, who defeated them to get them to where they are now.

The odds of winning the tournament at this moment stand at 8/13 for Wings Gaming, 13/5 for EG and 9/2 for Digital Chaos and I really don’t see Digital Chaos getting there. The tournament will be set for decision in a re-match of the Upper Bracket finals.

The two sides already met twice in this tournament. Their group match ended in a 1 – 1 draw, with both teams picking up one point from that one. Wings then went on to pick up some major momentum and they absolutely crushed the round robin tournament, making them the favorite to win the whole thing.

I cannot consciously say that anyone other than Wings Gaming will win this thing at the moment. They have defeated both of the Lower Bracket finalists already and their incredible form is set to continue for the final day of the tournament, with no clear indication that anything else could happen. What’s even more, EG are likely to be somewhat shell-shocked by their recent defeat and may go into the match with some self-doubt, sufficient for Wings to take advantage of and cruise to a win.

It will be a best out of five match on Saturday afternoon, so stay tuned for an absolute spectacle and place your bets beforehand. We expect Wings Gaming to take home all the glory and the $9.000.000 in cold hard cash, and you can win $8 on every $13 you place on them to win right now.

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