NA LCS 2017 Spring Semifinals – Cloud9 vs. Phoenix1 – Betting Tips


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Cloud9 ended the last week of the regular season with a lot of questions. Luckily for them, they cemented their spot as the absolute second best team in their region, behind only TSM.

However a couple of their games left a lot to be desired.

For a team so dominant in the mid and late game, their early game is often straight-out abysmal. They are almost always at a gold deficit come 15 minutes, they have a 48% first blood rate, 43% first tower and 43% first dragon rate. Those stats tell a very specific kind of story, and it isn’t a particularly good one.

Week 9: Cloud9 vs. Team Dignitas

A series they’re surely not proud.

Regardless of the game, when the late game came, there was an extremely small margin for error. Intricate, nuanced calls weren’t made on the side of Dignitas — probably due to the language barrier, and it cost them the game. They were ahead 3k gold at the ten minute mark, and dominated Cloud9 around the map.

They fell pray to C9’s mid and late game shotcalling and teamfighting. Jensen single-handedly carried almost every teamfight, always being present to capitalize on a Dignitas throw.

Chaser was the more aggressive jungler on Elise, pulling off multiple successful ganks both on bottom and top lane, getting Ssumday ahead on his pocket Kled pick. He was laser focused on shutting down the former SKT T1 champion and he succeeded as Impact was 0/4/0 at the eleven minute mark.

Cloud9’s first game was extremely lackluster. The second game was somewhat different, as they were always waiting for Dignitas to make a bad call. Sure enough they did. However they looked extremely indecisive in the process.

Luckily for all Cloud9 fans, their last match of the regular season went differently.

Week 9: Cloud9 vs. Phoenix1

Their first game against Phoenix1 was a phenomenal one for the C9 squad as they won on all fronts. Their bottom lane was the biggest factor as the synergy between Sneaky and Smoothie heavily outperformed P1’s bot lane, with Stunt being caught out an insane amount of times.

They looked like the Cloud9 of old, dominant, perfect in their macro and map rotations.

They took away Kled from Zig and tested him out in a different way. Ray’s carrylike performance finally panned out for them as he played an integral part in their dominant victory.

Cloud9 bottom lane crushed crushed their opposition, creating the most pressure. The moment they let go of their position coach Cain who went over to Team Liquid, they popped off. With a changing meta, Sneaky is finally able to dominate the way he used to. Paired with the best support in NA, they are at the moment a very big asset for Cloud9.

Things to be afraid of


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While they asserted their dominance in their three game series against Dignitas last week, they’re still the exact same team that was dominated by Cloud9 in the last week in the regular season.

Even though Ryu looked like an unstoppable force, he didn’t have to face a top 2 or 3 midlaner. He could dominate and get picks around the map when ever he pleased and Dignitas did little to stop him.

They won every lane but that was against a lower ranked team. Having that same success will be next to impossible against some of the best laners in the LCS. LOD and Xpecial couldn’t match the aggressive pace from Arrow and Stunt, and Ssumday failed to outperform Zig on top.


When Cloud9 manages to win, it is through sheer individual talent and phenomenal teamfighting. Their last week performance proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, and that they have threats in every single lane. Phoenix1 brings a wide range of problems, however Cloud9 has the necessary experience and in-game mechanical prowess to take the win in the end. They had a couple of weeks to recuperate and come back even stronger, with their sights set on another LCS title.

Betting tips: Cloud9 to win the series 3-1 against Phoenix1, 4.00 @

Betting tips: Cloud9 to win against Phoenix1, 1.57 @

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