EU LCS 2017 Spring Semifinals – Unicorns of Love vs. Misfits

Unicorns of Love

Photo: Riot Games

The Unicorns ended the Spring Split strong, clinging on to first place in their group. Their last week series against an uprising Splyce was a fun one to watch. The Unicorns probably weren’t prepared for the fast decision-making from their opponents, but they weathered the storm and came up victorious. Their objective control was somewhat sub-par, probably due to the fact that they underestimated what Splyce could do on the Rift.

They lost the first game but adapted really well (as they almost always do) and won the last two games to take the series 2–1. Better teamfighting and drafting became their strongest asset.

As the weeks went by, the Unicorns attained a fundamental understanding on how to win out games. Their results speak for themselves. They also know when they can push the tempo and how to control the pace of the game.

While teams have been able to beat them in the early game, the Unicorns almost never lose the mid and late game. When the game comes to the twenty/twenty five minute mark, they start dominating on the Rift. Their drafting is always on point, and it translates really well into the way they play.

Every member is a potential threat

Individually, every member on the roster has the ability to carry the game. While they do make some mistakes from time to time, that rarely stops them from winning the game. Their mid-game resurgence shows in objective control as well. They have the highest first Baron rate out of all EU teams (a staggering 80% rate), which even further strengthens their mid-game.

Now that the regular season has concluded, we saw that Samux plays an integral role in the team, successfully filling the void left by Veritas. While he is far from a flashy player, the kind who steals the spotlight — he is always with his team, assisting wherever he can.


Photo: Riot Games

They were on the verge of defeat. It looked so easy for Splyce to push just a little bit further, and yet they failed to do so. Misfits made this quarterfinals match an exhausting one, prolonging it to five games.

As a team they really went far —  from the challenger series to a Top 4 team in the European LCS.

KaKAO managed to be relevant in the series even though his Lee Sin was banned in every single game of the series. His Rengar was a lot better than most expected, and when he got his hands on Graves in the fifth game of the series it was evident that he was the stronger jungler on the Rift that day.

PowerOfEvil had one of his best individual games of the whole season on LeBlanc, almost single-handedly carrying his team to Hamburg and into their semifinals match against the Unicorns.

They were extremely strong during the middle of the split, and then their slump started. Where they’re at right now — we still can’t tell for sure. They did however showcase fantastic mental fortitude, getting that reverse sweep against Splyce.

Sadly for them, they also showed a lot of holes in their game. Their early game wasn’t always that strong, and they crumbled under the constant pressure around the map. Their drafting was also suspect on a couple of occasions, however they managed to make it work in the last three games of the series, most notably with their Shen and Rengar picks.


It’s hard betting against the Unicorns. This is the best they have ever looked, and they don’t seem content with a Top 4 finish — they want to go further. With G2 eSports looking somewhat shaky in their loss against Roccat, UOL is surely looking to capitalize and win the whole split. While Misfits showed great resilience, it won’t be enough against the crazy late game teamfighting that Unicorns bring to the table.

Betting on the Unicorns would be the better choice.

Betting tips: Unicorns of Love to win the series 3-1 against Misfits, 4.00 @

Betting tips: Unicorns of Love to win against Misfits, 1.66 @

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