EU LCS 2017 Spring Semifinals – G2 eSports vs. Fnatic – Betting Tips

G2 eSports

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You could question their motivation coming into their final series. They were the undisputed kings of Europe, without a single series loss in over a year. Their first seed was locked in for playoffs and there was zero significance to their final match. Roccat on the other hand were extremely hungry. They were still fresh off their 2:0 victory against Misfits and were looking to carry that momentum into their final match which could have been the deciding factor between them entering playoffs or not.

Against all odds they managed to do so, beating the number one EU team 2:1 in the end.

In the second and third game, G2 actually lost almost every teamfight after the twenty/twenty five minute mark. They were the second to react, and were picked apart by every member of the Roccat squad, be it Phaxi’s Fizz, Betsy’s Swain or Hjarnan’s Kalista.

It was a sight to behold. The number one European team being beaten by a team that has occupied the bottom of the standings for so long.

No matter how you twist and turn the storyline, it is still a strong statement that carries a lot of weight. While their previous accomplishment shouldn’t be discarded, seeing G2 fall will surely give every other team the necessary confidence boost.

Still, they are a phenomenal team that has the potential to dominate the region for years to come. They have the biggest gold spent differential out of all the European teams, at 8.5%, meaning they always have more gold than their adversaries. Paired with their strong early game, they can only be matched by the likes of H2K or Unicorns of Love.

G2’s shortcomings

G2’s members are often caught out of position, Mithy primarily. While this is an obvious problem in itself, it rarely ends with a single death as the opposing team often rushes a big objective on the map.

The statistics

It is interesting to note that they are second or third in almost every important statistic. First blood, turret, dragon, Baron, etc. It is a testament to their skill and phenomenal decision making in the later stages of the game that so often wins them the series.

They have holes in their game, and depending on the team that they’re facing — those holes might be more or less visible.

The downwards trends

If we take a look at their latest matches we can see a pattern. They lost their last match against Roccat, and nearly lost the one before it — against a struggling Fnatic.

They have been struggling Be it individually or as a team, they can be beat and were at the edge of losing on multiple occasions.


Photo: Riot Games

After an amazing 3:0 upset against H2K last week, the all-European Fnatic squad is coming into the semifinals full force.

The biggest improvement we could see in that series — other than their macro game — was on an individual level.

Broxah’s early game impact was amazing. He finally showed up on champions not called Lee Sin. He isn’t the only improved player on the roster as Jesiz had his best series of the year so far, with some phenomenal Camille and Thresh moments. Caps finally started providing the plays his team expected from him, having some fantastic roams and teamfight positioning. (and two mindblowing moments on Ryze)

It’s hard singling anyone out, but Rekkles simply went into “beast mode”. He hardcarried on Twitch, Vayne and Kennen, winning lane every time. By last picking their ADC every game, Fnatic could surprise H2K. This meta suits him very well, as he is finally playing like the Rekkles of old.

The stats speak for themselves. He is a veteran, and what he showcased on the Rift last week was nothing short of a masterclass.

Photo: Riot Games

H2K lost out in the pick and ban phase once more, as they focused too much on their own comfort picks, while Fnatic didn’t want to contort to the meta. That payed off big time, as H2K wasn’t prepared for anything out of the ordinary.

It was a spectacular sight to behold, as all three games were not only action packed but filled with some high-quality League of Legends.


While G2’s recent struggles show signs of weakness, they are still the strongest European team on paper, and now only have a single opponent to prepare for. They will surely come hungry for the win, to advance into the finals and redeem themselves after a disappointing end to the regular season.

However, Fnatic almost beat G2 a couple of weeks ago. Someone might argue they should have won as well, as the gold lead they had was insane. They have so many tricks up their sleeve, and have adapted to a completely different playstyle. It will be hard for G2 to adapt on the fly when Fnatic approach their games with absolute spontaneity.

How can they prepare for a thousand variants and picks that Fnatic bring to the table? Fnatic showed a great ability to shuffle the team around Rekkles and it worked phenomenally.

Betting on G2 would be the safer pick. They were the most dominant European team for over a year. A single loss to an uprising Roccat shouldn’t dissuade anyone from thinking that they’re at the top of their game. However, Fnatic are coming in hot. If they were able to take G2 to the brink of defeat once, they will surely be able to do so again.

Betting tips: Fnatic to win against G2 eSports, 4.33 @

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