2019-01-04 16:20:01

x-kom vs PACT

2019-01-04 11:17:57Posted by vvvv

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! It was a good year behind us, a lot of 1st places and a lot of great matches, 2019 will be even bigger with tournaments and games, so hold your grips and bet smart!

PACT ranked #119 from Poland is facing team x-kom ranked #58 also from Poland in the Pixel.bet Brawl: Nordic vs. Europe that has 16 teams competing for the prize pool of $10,000. This tournament is played online.

This is best of 3 * Group B decider match.

Map performance for team PACT in the last three months: Cache is on 66,7% win rate on three played maps 2/1 - WIN/LOSE, Mirage is at 50,0% on two played maps 1/1, Train is at 40,0% on ten played maps 4/6, Overpass 36,4% on 11 played maps 4/7, Inferno 33,3% on 15 played maps 5/10, Nuke 33,3% on nine played maps 3/6.

Map highlights for team x-kom in the previous three months: Nuke is at 100,0% win rate on four played maps 4/0 - WIN/LOSS, Inferno 55,6% on nine played maps 5/4, Cache 50,0% on four played maps 2/2, Mirage 40,0% on ten played maps 4/6, Overpass 40,0% on five played maps 2/3, Dust2 33,3% on three played maps 1/2, and Train with 33,3% win rate on six played maps 2/4.

PACT played 11 maps in December and won five, converted, they played four matches and won one. In November they played 12 maps and won only two, in other words, they played ten matches and won one. In October they played 27 maps and won 12, converted, they played 22 matches and won nine.

x-kom played 25 maps in December and won 13, in other words, they played 11 games and won six. In November they played five maps only and won four, converted, they played three games and won all three. During October they played 11 maps and won three only, converted, they played eight games and won two.

This tournament has a relatively nice amount of money to be won, considering the best teams are probably Tier 3 it is a fair amount. The problem here is there is a lot of teams, and it is tough to cover everything, when did someone throw or where they had simple luck. PACT is 2nd in Group B with two matches played, one win, one loss, a round difference of +7 and three points. x-kom is just below them with two matches played, one win and one loss, a round difference of -3 and three points. Conquer is out of the question, so we have these two teams in the fight for the 2nd place. These two teams played some 15 days ago, and PACT lost 1-2 (6-16 on Inferno, 16-12 on Overpass, and 1-16 on Nuke) i mean, 1-16 man, wtf. Looking at the maps for both teams we can see that x-kom has won more, and they are ranked 50 pales above PACT, so it is no wonder they won in that matchup. But we can see also that x-kom lost 5-16 x2 against AGO during the next match, so they are too inconsistent.

The first match of the 2k19 so there is no need to go for a risky bet, both teams can fix easily.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

x-kom (1.5) 1.12 10 Win


joker1993 2019-01-06 11:04:36

Hello, dude. Can you explain to me how it works when you won a competition? Or maybe, can you give me an e-mail that I can write to them about it? Thanks in advance, and good luck this month. :)

vvvv 2019-01-19 11:56:04

Hello, joker1993,

Sorry for not replying earlier, i didn't saw the message. Well it is pretty simple, if you win 1-4 place you get the prize, and then you need to submit your PayPal via email, and then shortly after you get the money. You have all the rules and explanations when you click competitions tab, top right of the website.

Your best option to contact the admins is to use this link: https://www.e-sportsbetting.org/contact/ , you can find it in the bottom left part of the website, write a message explaining what you need and all the questions you have, and someone will contact you very shortly.

Thank you for the nice wishes, i also wish you good fortune in the upcoming month! If there is anything more, please feel free to ask!