2019-01-27 12:15:00
Team EnVy

Winstrike vs Team EnVy

2019-01-27 10:41:35Posted by vvvv

Winstrike ranked #35 from Russia are clashing against team Envy ranked #40 from the United States in the IEM Katowice, Poland tournament that has four teams competing for the prize pool of 2 spots at IEM Katowice 2019 Major Main Qualifier, (both finalists will qualify). The tournament is played in Katowice, Poland offline on LAN and this is best of 1 * upper bracket semi-final type of match.

Map performance for team Winstrike in the last three months: Train is at 80,0% win rate on five played maps WIN/DRAW/LOSS - 4/0/1, Cache 75,0% on four played maps 3/0/1, Nuke 71,4% on seven played maps 5/0/2, Dust2 57,1% on 14 played maps 8/0/6, and Mirage 50,0% on six played maps 3/0/3, and Overpass with 42,9% win rate on seven played maps 3/0/3.

Map highlights for team Envy in the previous three months: Dust2 is at 85,7% win rate on seven played maps WON/TIED/LOST - 6/0/1, Mirage 75,0% on 12 played maps 9/0/3, Cache 50,0% on eight played maps 4/0/4, Overpass 37,5% on eight played maps 3/0/5, Train 36,4% on 11 played maps 4/0/7, and Inferno with 25,0% win rate on four played maps 1/0/3.

Pistol performance in the last 50 days both on offline & online events goes to team Envy who have 61,5% win rating over team Winstrike who have 50,0% total.

Winstrike played 13 maps in January and won seven, converted, they played five games and won three. During December they played 24 maps and won 13, converted, they played ten games and won five. In November they played six maps and won all six, converted, those six maps were all best of 3, so they played three games and won all three with 2-0.

Envy played 13 maps in January and won five, in other words, they played seven games and won three. In December they played 26 maps and won 17, converted, they played ten matches and won eight. In November they played eight maps and won two, converted, they played seven games and won two. In October they played only three matches and won all three.

OK, so as i said in previous bets, we have an enormous tournament worth fighting for, and considering the participating teams this will be easy for a team like North, but this match is very risky. Envy has fresh blood in likes of karrigan, and Winstrike team is on the right path considering their win rate. The odds are very simillar so this can mean only one thing, that this match will have a lot of rounds, maybe even overtimes, and it also means that it will be hard to decide who will win. I really like Winstrike game style, and their wins in recent weeks but those wins are only against teams of their status in Russia, like AVANGAR, Gambit, AGO, etc., Envy on the other side has managed to assemble a team worth of something actually, but again they lose to Brazilian teams, something strange is happening with that organization, they just cannot manage to keep the continuity. Somehow i think the round that Envy wins are because they win pistol rounds and if you win pistol rounds that is +6 rounds in a game, so that's not something to rely on. I will go with team Winstrike here.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

Winstrike 1.83 1 Win


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