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Winstrike vs Sprout

2019-08-04 07:20:51Posted by vvvv

Winstrike ranked #83 from CIS are clashing against team Sprout ranked #21 from Germany in the GG.BET New York Invitational - ESL One New York 2019 Qualification that has eight teams competing for the prize pool of $5,000 + 1 spot at ESL One New York main event. This tournament is played online, and this is best of 1 Group B opening match.

Map performance for team Winstrike in the last three months: Mirage is at 61,1% win rate on 18 played maps - WON/TIED/LOST - 11/0/7, Dust2 60,0% on ten played maps 6/0/4, Overpass 55,6% on nine played maps 5/0/4, Nuke 25,0% on 12 played maps 3/0/9, Vertigo 20,0% on five played maps 1/0/4, Train 10,0% on ten played maps 1/0/9, and Inferno with 0,0% win rate on only one played map 0/0/1.

Winstrike played five maps in August and won one, converted, they played three matches and won none. During July they played ten maps and won two, converted, they played seven games and won one. In June they played 19 maps and won six, converted, they played nine games and won two. During May they played 31 maps and won 18, converted, they played 15 games and won 11.

Pistol performance in the recent 100 days, both on online & offline events goes to team Winstrike who have 62,5% win rating, over team Sprout who have 57,1% total.

Map highlights for team Sprout in the previous three months: Inferno is at 75,0% win rate on 12 played maps - WIN/DREW/LOSS - 9/0/3, Nuke 69,2% on 13 played maps 9/0/4, Mirage 65,0% on 20 played maps 13/0/7, Dust2 64,3% on 14 played maps 9/0/5, Train 60,0% on 15 played maps 9/0/6, Overpass 50,0% on ten played maps 5/0/5.

Sprout played 24 maps in July and won 11, in other words, they played 12 matches and won six. In June they played 38 maps and won 30, converted, they played 23 games and won 20. In May they played 22 maps and won 13, converted, they played 15 games and won nine.

OK, so we have the 1st two from Group A forZe and AVANGAR who won, and now we need to see who will be the best in Group B. This is a best of 1 and the odds heavily favor Sprout, because they are ranked better and have a better game rating in recent matches. It is strange to see how Windstrike has such a hard time with two new great players in their team, but somehow they lose a lot of games. Sprout on the other hand also had some troubles during the end of July, but they kept their shiet together and started winning, out of four games they lost three maps so be careful when you bet, it may go in over 2,5 maps. These two teams played a lot of head-to-head games and the current score is four wins for Winstrike while Sprout has four, only one game went to overtime.

I will go with Sprout to win here.

Good luck to all who bet, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sprout 1.31 1 Loss


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