Virtus Pro
2019-03-15 12:35:03

Virtus Pro vs Mineski

2019-03-15 01:37:21Posted by rainpainter

1. As we saw yesterday in the match between and Forward - VP is not in perfect shape right now, that was later approved by Pasha in the interview. This is the typical situation for VP at the beginning of any event.

2. Secondly, VP do not look very motivated. It's pretty different in the morale aspect team than Secret is. don't feel this challenge anymore, they already passed to TI9.

3. Mineski played very impressively versus Ehome. It was very emotional but strongly deserved to win. Mineski feel meta, they are in beasty conditions and the most important thing is that patch suits them.

4. However, Mineski are more than fine right now is just higher level team. It's gonna be a hard battle and i would say that they can take 1 map, but win in series should go to VP. Also, if we somehow get angry - they gonna crush Mineski easily.

So we choose a safe option with a simple win of VP.

Virtus Pro 1.28 7 Win


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