Virtus Pro
2021-09-08 13:35:00
FaZe Clan

Virtus Pro vs FaZe Clan

2021-09-08 02:52:13Posted by BRGamer

These two teams entered the final phase of the competition. This championship has at this stage the meeting of the two best teams. has problems on the terrorist side and will have a lot of difficulties to win rounds. The FaZe Clan has a much more balanced map pool than the opponent.'s best map is Vertigo, but FaZe Clan doesn't play this map. On other maps, the FaZe Clan has an advantage over the opponent. So, I believe the FaZe Clan has great chances of not losing the map in this match.

FaZe Clan (-1.5) Betway 3.00 10 Loss


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