Vici Gaming
2019-03-15 12:35:03
Evil Geniuses

Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

2019-03-15 01:57:11Posted by rainpainter

1. If we talk about pre-tournament thoughts, i'd say that match might have gone easily for EG, but the current conditions of the teams differ strongly.

2. Vici Gaming won Chaos calm and without a doubt. They came to Stockholm in very good shape and this meta suits them well. Vici understand mid- and late-game strongly and the most important thing - they realize how to come in the late game with a profit. Also, their playstyle is fine versus western teams.

3. Evil Geniuses don't feel that comfortable for now. It seems they are not confident. In the series vs Natus Vincere they were thinking and crouching too much having a big advantage, and this cost EG one map. So they try to play safely, but Vici will use it to grab all the map and initiative.

4. Though Sumail in good conditions personally, rest players of the team frustration.

I am not sure in the concrete result of the match, but let's say that Vici are gonna take at least 1 map.

Vici Gaming (1.5) 1.44 6 Loss


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