Vega Squadron
2018-10-05 14:30:00
Monolith Gaming

Vega Squadron vs Monolith Gaming

2018-10-05 08:46:11Posted by MeekyMFC

Vega Squadron lineup against Monolith for the Epicenter Closed Qualifier in a BO3.

Whilst VS got some impressive results/comebacks at the major, it's back to reality now and this is a totally different ball game. They have played one match since the Major and that ended in a 2-0 defeat to AVANGAR. Monolith have won their last 5 matches and these were all B03's (4 of them were 2-0 victories).

Given the fact Vega Squadron's form outside of the major has always been patchy, and Monolith are in form (all be it against much weaker opposition than vega squadron have faced), i fancy Monolith to take a map here or maybe even win it.

Going with Monolith (+1.5) to be safe.

Monolith Gaming (1.5) 1.85 7 Win


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