Vancouver Titans
2021-06-05 21:05:00
Dallas Fuel

Vancouver Titans vs Dallas Fuel

2021-06-05 20:08:09Posted by Petar

The Fuel haven't been quite as dominant as we expected coming into the June Joust qualifiers, but they're still a world-class team with a metric ton of potential. Whether they'll be able to thrive in the current meta and go on yet another spectacular run still remains to be seen, but the odds are definitely stacked in their favor.

Fortunately, they're up against Vancouver next which means they'll be able to pad their records with ease; the Titans are, without a shadow of a doubt, one the worst and least capable teams in the Overwatch League. And, frankly, that won't change any time soon. The gap in skill and potential between them and Dallas is so wide we might as well consider it a canyon. We're literally talking about a clash between a top-tier contender (the May Melee champions, no less) and the very definition of a bottom-tier dweller — so about as far from a premier match-up as it gets.

We're going with Dallas on this one as it's the only logical option.

Dallas Fuel Pinnacle 1.02 1 Win


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