Tricked eSport
2021-02-23 14:00:00

Tricked eSport vs Winstrike

2021-02-23 04:56:42Posted by st4yn1ght

Tricked (#53) vs Winstrike (#26)

Map prediction: Nuke (Tricked's pick), Mirage (Winstrike's pick) and Train (Decider).

This is BO3 Swiss round 2 of Tricked vs Winstrike in Snow Sweet Snow 2 Regionals. Winstrike is in higher rank. Bookmakers pick Winstrike as their favourite. Winstrike's performance recently is better with all their players have better ratings and better recent match results. Winstrike's form is better. Statistically Winstrike is better in Nuke and Mirage but could lose out in Train. So i think that Winstrike gonna win this one easily.

Winstrike 1xBet 1.32 10 Win


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