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2018-10-06 12:20:00
Monolith Gaming

The Imperial vs Monolith Gaming

2018-10-06 11:24:43Posted by vvvv

Team Imperial ranked #29 from Lithuania (MIX of players) will face team Monolith ranked #80 from Russia in the EPICENTER 2018 CIS Closed Qualifier that has eight teams competing for the prize pool of "1 spot at Wild Card Qualifier". This is an online tournament.

This is a best of 3 * Semi-final type of match.

Team Imperial map performance in the last three months: Cache is at 100,0% win rate on seven played maps, Nuke 100,0% on one played map, Mirage 83,3% on 18 played maps, Train 72,7% on 11 played maps, Inferno 40,0% on five played maps, Overpass 40,0% on five played maps and Dust2 0,0% win rate on three played maps.

Team Monolith map highlights in the previous three months: Mirage is at 66,7% win rate on nine played maps, Nuke 66,7% on three played maps, Dust2 57,1% on seven played maps, Cache 50,0% on two played maps, Inferno 41,7% on 12 played maps, and Overpass 25,0% win rate on four played maps.

Pistol performance goes to team Imperial who have 43,8% win percentage over team Monolith who have only 16,7% total.

Team Imperial has played 15 maps in October and won nine, converted, they played six games and won five. In September they played 18 maps and won 12, converted, they played eight games and won five. In August they played 17 maps and won 14, converted, they played six games and won four. In July they played three games and won all three.

Team Monolith played one game in October, and they won it. In September they played 11 maps and won ten, converted, they played five games, and they won all five. In August they played 14 maps and won six, converted, they played 11 games and won five. In July they played ten maps and won only one, converted, they played seven games and won one.

We can see that Imperial defeated team HellRaisers yesterday 2-1 (16-13, 8-16, and 16-12) that is a very good win for them, so we can see that they want this tournament! Monolith defeated team Vega Squadron 2-0 (19-17, 16-14) that is a tight score.

My bet will go to team Imperial -1,5 handicap.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

The Imperial (-1.5) 1.83 3 Win


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