Team Vitality
2020-12-12 15:30:00

Team Vitality vs BIG

2020-12-12 14:53:18Posted by gimme

It's a bo3 Upper bracket final. Vitality and BIG played 17 maps, 12-5 to VIT, which won the last 3 series, VIT has one of the best players in the world (#1 or #2), Zywoo is amazing, has map advantage, and won 9 of the last 10 games. On the other side, BIG has a good form too (won 8 of the last 10) but dropped some maps to worse teams like Virtus Pro, Envy e MiBR. Come on, VIT it's the best team in the world, has map adv, better form, better players, and a good H2H adv. VIT will win this match, maybe 2-0 but VIT ML it's the safest option, BIG has a good chance to win them map choice: Nuke or Mirage.

Team Vitality Pinnacle 1.36 10 Win


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