Team Vitality
2021-11-28 14:30:00

Team Vitality vs Astralis

2021-11-28 00:19:32Posted by tonac

BLAST Premier Fall Final (LAN) BO3 consolidation final

Vitality have actually been destroyed in their previous match to NAVI but they have fell emotionally as well just as apEX getting frustrated when Kyojin missed the grenade.. and obviously they could take at least that round and maybe come back but they are simply done and I don't think they have any chance against Astralis who have been on fire lately with this new roster even tho they don't have stable awp-er, gla1ve is doing well and sometimes when konfig picks up the awp and with home crowd, I expect Astralis to win. Good luck!

Astralis 1xBet 1.70 10 Loss


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