Team Vitality
2021-11-25 18:05:00

Team Vitality vs Astralis

2021-11-25 17:31:41Posted by tonac

BLAST Premier Fall Final (LAN) BO3

Even tho NiP didn't perform well, I am still impressed by the game of Astralis, especially of the new additions Konfig who put on such incredible individual performance. While Vitality, they are not playing in high level and also kyojin is still showing poor performance so I don't really trust Vitality in this game. They may have won in 2 maps against Liquid but as we know Liquid is about to make new team around Elige. That being said, I will go with Astralis in this match and I believe Astralis will get much better as a team if they kick lucky.. Good luck!

Astralis Pinnacle 1.87 10 Loss


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