Team Vitality
2020-12-13 19:30:00

Team Vitality vs Astralis

2020-12-13 19:25:38Posted by gimme

I really don't understand why Vitality it's the underdog for this final. It's the clash between the two best teams in the world, VIT #1 (btw, ZywOo are playing really well); Astralis #2, atm. VIT won the last encounter (2-1) and has an insane run, amazing form. Astralis too, it's in a good form, 4 matches in a row without dropping any map (but almost drop in some matches like today against BIG). I expected an amazing match, probably in 3 maps and VIT it's the favorite to win this final, IMO.

Team Vitality (1.5) Betway 1.35 10 Win


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