Team Secret
2018-01-04 15:30:00
Team Empire

Team Secret vs Team Empire

2018-01-04 14:59:36Posted by rainpainter

The competitive DotA is back, and we are happy about it.

This is gonna be the most interesting match of the day, and I think Secret is not favorited here.

Empire got more motivation than their opponents - they got problems with competitive points, not like Secret.

Games in the group do not decide very much, so Secret will not play on 100% of their power, Puppey is gonna need a bit of time to enter the new year.

One more important thing is the Captains Draft mode, used on the tournament - Empire might show great performance with an interesting draft.

Actually, i would choose Empire and say that they are slightly favorited in this match.

Team Empire 3.75 6 Loss


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