Team Secret
2020-11-14 16:00:00

Team Secret vs Hellraisers

2020-11-14 12:09:18Posted by LeOverFlow

Last time Hellraisers played against Secret without their star player and even though they've lost 2-0 it looked pretty competitive. Both teams are in a great shape right now and the reason i bet on Hellraiser is they've more maps that favors them. Their Dust, Nuke and Train is better compared to Secret, and yes Hellraisers lost Dust 2 last time, but they were playing pretty much 4v5 game. Both these teams usually win or lose in a 2-0 fashion but i think this game might go to third map and it's really hard to predict what will happen there, but odds looks too good on Hellraisers to just ignore this match.

Hellraisers 1xBet 2.21 10 Win


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