Team Heroic
2020-10-03 19:05:58

Team Heroic vs Astralis

2020-10-03 16:43:03Posted by ChiefPicks

An interesting game here in the ESL PRO LEAGUE SEASON 12 EUROPE between the two danish teams Astralis and Heroic. They faced each other 3 days ago and the game ended up to be a win for the Heroic Team (2-0) in an intense game that went overtime on one map and the other one went through all 30 rounds. Even with their impressive 71% win rate (in 631 games!), Astralis didn't look "perfect" and they seemed to have some tactical issues. Add to this the fact that team Heroic won 3 of the 7 faceoffs between the two teams.. It seems like a perfect opportunity to tie it to a 4-4! Heroic struggled a little bit in the early stages of the competition and are getting better and better, this game is going to be decisive.

You could also bet on a "Over 2.5 maps" on this game i think since the last game was really tight. Astralis should take at least 1 map today

Team Heroic 1xBet 2.14 5 Loss


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