Team EnVy
2019-01-22 15:05:46
Team oNe eSports

Team EnVy vs Team oNe eSports

2019-01-20 18:49:47Posted by vvvv

Envy ranked #40 from the United States are clashing against Team ONE ranked #51 from Brazil in the Americas Minor - IEM Katowice 2019 that has eight teams competin for the prize pool of $50,000 and two spots at Major Main Qualifier, and one spot at Minor Playoff. This tournament is played in Katowice, Poland on LAN/offline.

This is best of 1 type of match.

Envy map performance in the previous three months: Mirage is at 81,8% win rate on 11 played maps WIN/LOSS - 9/2, Dust2 60,0% on five played maps 3/2, Cache 44,4% on nine played maps 4/5, Train 36,4% on 11 played maps 4/7, Inferno 33,3% on three played maps 1/2, and Overpass with 25,0% win rate on four played maps 1/3.

Team One map highlights in the last three months: Dust2 is at 100,0% win rate on three played maps WIN/LOSE - 3/0, Inferno 78,6% on 14 played maps 11/3, Mirage 57,1% on seven played maps 4/3, Cache 50,0% on eight played maps 4/4, Overpass 50,0% on eight played maps 4/4, and Train with 33,3% win rate on 12 played maps 4/8.

Envy played 26 maps in December and won 17, converted, they played ten matches and won eight. During November they played eight maps and won two, converted, they played seven matches and won two. In October they played nine maps and won three, converted, they played the same amount since all matches were best of 1.

Team ONE played 16 maps and won ten, converted, they played seven games and won four. In November they played 22 maps and won 11, converted, they played 14 games and won six. During October they played 14 maps and won nine, converted, they played ten games and won seven.

This tournament is just starting, and there will be definitely interesting matches to bet on and watch since all these teams are Tier 2, event maybe Tier 3. I believe Envy will demolish everyone in Group B and top the charts, the addition of karrigan and Nifty + jdm64 is a good decision in my book, and to all the people who think they didn't have time to prepare, these are professional players and they train very hard, so i believe that Envy is coming back to the scene in a good style. Team ONE was always garbage, but in the recent weeks, we can see they snatched some good wins, so there may come to an upset. Who can bet on underdog getting over ten rounds should do that, my bet here will be a win for Envy.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't

Team EnVy Bet365 1.66 10 Win


vvvv 2019-01-26 16:38:23

This is a win.