Team Empire
2017-10-03 16:30:00
Virtus Pro

Team Empire vs Virtus Pro

2017-10-03 11:53:04Posted by rainpainter

Prepare your popcorn and nerves - this is gonna be the madness.

Actually, it's the fight of two best CIS teams right now (sorry Na'Vi).

I think Empire will take at least 1 map of 2 - their perfomance is incredible when they realize how serious match is.

Virtus.Pro already qualified for two tournaments, so they have lack of motivation (even they say this), so they can relax right now. I am sure they will give the chance to Empire this game.

Empire still didnt qualify for any tournament, so this game is important for them and they will stand to the death.

I would say, if you wanna risk - you can pick win of Empire, but i will choose more safe odd.

Team Empire (0.5) 2.11 10 Loss


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