Team Dignitas
2021-04-05 16:20:00
Tricked eSport

Team Dignitas vs Tricked eSport

2021-04-05 05:06:54Posted by st4yn1ght

Dignitas (#42) vs Tricked (#45)

Map prediction: Nuke (Dignitas's pick), Overpass (Tricked's pick) and Inferno (Decider).

This is BO3 Playoffs round 1 of Dignitas vs Tricked in Snow Sweet Snow 3. Dignitas is in higher rank. Bookmakers pick Dignitas as their favourite. Dignitas's performance recently is better with 4 of their players have better ratings and better recent match results. Tricked's form is better. Statistically Dignitas is better in Nuke and Overpass but could lose out in Inferno. So i think that Dignitas gonna win this one.

Team Dignitas Pinnacle 1.43 8 Win


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