Team Blackout
2018-09-08 18:00:00
Bravado Gaming

Team Blackout vs Bravado Gaming

2018-09-08 17:08:41Posted by vvvv

Team Blackout ranked #46 from the United States are facing team Bravado ranked #62 from South Africa in the EPICENTER 2018 North America Closed Qualifier that has six teams competing for the one spot in EPICENTER 2018 Wild Card. The tournament is played online, and it is meant for North American teams.

This is a best of 3 * Quarter-final type of match.

Map performance for team Blackout in the previous three months: Dust2 is at 100,0% win rate on two played maps, Inferno 100,0% on four played maps, Nuke 75,0% on eight played maps, Cache 66,7% on three played maps, Mirage 66,7% on 12 played maps, Overpass 60,0% on 15 played maps, and Train 20,0% on five played maps.

Map highlights for team Bravado in the last three months: Train is at 85,7% win rate on seven played maps, Dust2 72,7% on 11 played maps, Inferno 71,4% on 14 played maps, Cache 66,7% on three played maps, Mirage 44,4% on nine played maps, Overpass 14,3% on seven played maps, and Nuke 12,5% on eight played maps.

Team Blackout played 31 maps in August and won 22, converted, they played 17 games and won 13. In July they played 18 maps and won nine, converted, they played ten games and won six.

Team Bravado played four maps in September and won three, converted, they played two games and won both of them. In August they played ten maps and won four, converted, they played five games and won two. In July they played 18 maps and won ten, converted, they played nine games and won five.

The winner of this match will play against team NRG, tough opponent, that is why i believe this game will be a throw, i wanted to bet on Blackout to go -1,5 handicap, but it is too risky since they definitely cannot win against team NRG. Bet small here.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

Team Blackout 1.56 1 Win


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