2020-12-12 17:30:00

Stats vs Elazer

2020-12-12 17:26:10Posted by gimme

It's a purely risky bet, Stats is much better than Elazer, it's a fact, Stats it's one of the best players in the world (#4), and Elazer never been in a top 10, he's #19 at this moment. But, these odds it's unbalanced, this game it's 75-25 for Parting, maybe 70-30. Elazer won 5 of the 6 series between them. Ok, the last encounter was in 2018 and Stats is a better player right now but Elazer is in good form and can do some surprise, so I'll take the risky. Odd 4.44 is amazing.

Elazer 1xBet 4.44 5 Win


gimme 2020-12-12 17:27:22

75-25 for Stats*