2019-03-25 21:15:00
Movistar Riders

Sprout vs Movistar Riders

2019-03-24 16:43:43Posted by vvvv

Sprout ranked #28 from Germany are facing team Movistar Riders ranked #38 from Spain in the ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe that has 18 teams competing for the prize pool of $35,000.

This is the best of 3 quarter-final type of match.

Sprout map performance in the last three months: Inferno is at 86,7% win rate on 15 played maps - WIN/DRAW/LOSS - 13/0/2, Nuke 83,3% on six played maps 5/0/1, Dust2 68,2% on 22 played maps 15/0/7, Cache 66,7% on 12 played maps 8/0/4, Train 66,7% on six played maps 4/0/2, Mirage 45,5% on 11 played maps 5/0/6.

Movistar Riders map highlights in the previous three months: Overpass is at 85,7% win rate on seven played maps 6/0/1, Inferno 75,0% on eight played maps 6/0/2, Train 57,1% on seven played maps 4/0/3, Cache 50,0% on four played maps 2/0/2, Nuke 50,0% on four played maps 2/0/2, and Mirage with 42,9% win rate on seven played maps 3/0/4.

Sprout played 20 maps and won 11 in March, converted, they played 13 games and won seven. In February they played 34 maps and won 24, converted, they played 22 games and won 14. In January they played 18 maps and won 15, in other words, they played 11 matches and won eight.

Movistar Riders played 17 maps in March and won eight, converted, they played nine games and won four. In February they played 16 maps and won 11, converted, they played 13 games and won nine. In January they played four matches where they won all four.

OK, so it is the same competition as in the previous bet, ESEA is undergoing, and we reached the playoffs. The winner here will play against the winner of ALTERNATE aTTaX vs forZe. Head-to-head for these two teams is 1 win for Movistar Riders and 3 wins for Sprout, and i believe that Sprout will be victorious here.

Their win against Windigo is sweet, and they won against ENCE last week so yeah, i believe they will be victorious today.

Good luck to all who bet, and may the odds be forever in your favor!

Sprout 1.73 1 Loss


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