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2017-12-07 04:00:00
Shanghai Dragons

Seoul Dynasty vs Shanghai Dragons

2017-12-05 21:54:50Posted by Petar

While the Overwatch League hasn't even started yet, there are a couple of teams that are being looked at as the biggest favorites to win the whole thing. One of the strongest teams competing is without a doubt Seoul Dynasty, or perhaps better known as Lunatic-Hai. They are without a doubt one of the most accomplished teams in Overwatch history, and are the favorites with good reason. They're extremely accomplished and have recently only lost to GC Busan the last two times both teams fought which was at the Overwatch APEX Season 4. (fans will also get the chance to see these teams clash again as GC Busan was absorbed into the London Spitfire)

Fans got the chance to watch zunba, tobi and ryujehong lift the prestigious Overwatch World Cup trophy last month after defeating Canada in the grand finals. While they struggled a bit against the United States and Canada, they looked incredibly dominant overall and were able to overcome any and all obstacles in their way.

While the Shanghai Dragons are not slouch, they don't have the tools to take on the former Lunatic-Hai squad that didn't make any big changes to the roster. They're entering the Overwatch League with full force and will probably look to have a big statement game as soon as possible. Because of this, try to bet as big as possible.

Seoul Dynasty 1.53 10 Win


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