Seoul Dynasty
2019-08-17 22:55:00
Philadelphia Fusion

Seoul Dynasty vs Philadelphia Fusion

2019-08-17 22:39:33Posted by Petar

For our first match of the day we have a very exciting clash between the Seoul Dynasty and the Philadelphia Fusion. Both of these teams are great in their own unique ways and even though this isn't an important match by any means, it should be an interesting one nonetheless.

For Seoul, every single win matters right now. In fact, every single map win matters since they are fighting for a spot in the playoffs. Their minus one map differential needs to improve as soon as possible, and this match could, by all means, help with that.

We are one week away from the season playoffs and they are currently sharing tenth place with both the Chengdu Hunters and the Hangzhou Spark.

Now, if you are a Seoul fan, this is a cause for celebration, seeing how the Philadelphia didn't really shine in this final Stage. They struggle a lot and have been seriously underperforming over the past few weeks. If we count out matches against the titans of the League (where they got dominated), they were mostly solid albeit not solid enough.

We’ve seen Philadelphia dominate in Stage one, but after that, they were just mediocre. Perhaps not even that much. The past is past, and what really matters is their performance in this Stage and in the new meta, which hasn’t been commendable.

Philadelphia’s latest clash was against the Vancouver Titans. Even though they were relatively solid, it still wasn't enough against one of the best teams in the League. Not even close. Their fight against Paris wasn't much better, although they at least put up a fight.

It's important to highlight that Seoul Dynasty isn't a top tier team either. The fact that they couldn't always select the right starting line-up often hindered their chances of attaining success, although it did provide them a strategic edge in certain situation. While most of their recent matches were defined by sloppy plays and ill-advised engages, they do have the right tools at their disposal in order to actually contest for a playoff spot.

We’ve seen them dominate in their latest match against the Shanghai Dragons, which proved their worth at least to a certain degree. Each time their backs were against the wall they managed to stand up and find the avenue towards success.

This is definitely an interesting match-up, and honestly it could go either way. That said, we simply have to side with the Seoul Dynasty on this one. They are more consistent as a team and have a recent history of (relative) dominance. They should, by all means be able to score a win against the Philadelphia Fusion.

Seoul Dynasty Pinnacle 1.40 8 Loss


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