Seoul Dynasty
2018-06-14 03:10:00
Dallas Fuel

Seoul Dynasty vs Dallas Fuel

2018-06-13 14:11:28Posted by Petar

For our third match of the day we have a very interesting clash between the Dallas Fuel and the Seoul Dynasty.

In essence, this is a match against two teams with completely different trajectories. After three stages of mediocrity and sub-par play Dallas was finally able to step up and start playing to their potential with a couple of key changes in the meta whereas Seoul continued their steady decline from Stage 1.

The former Lunatic-Hai roster showed almost nothing worth mentioning overall and even though they do have some flashy individual moments it's far from consistent and top tier. They're improving with each passing week but their pace is incredibly slow. A single week isn't enough to fix all of their problems.

It's a hard match to predict for sure. We still cannot know for sure - are the Fuel really that good right now? Are other teams starting to figure them out? Did everyone just realize how to play against Brigitte and Brigitte-centric team comps after four weeks of competitive play?

Their improvement and level of play is undeniable but they still weren't able to really pull off a couple of a statement games in Stage 4 even though they did have a couple of fantastic performances - sometimes against some very tough teams. It's hard to have full confidence in Dallas and when betting that's the most important thing. How big are the chances of them underperforming and fumbling when it matters the most?

Fortunately for all Dallas fans, Seoul did far less to deserve any kind of benefit of the doubt. Their far too inconsistent and even when they had the upper hand they failed to perform and close things out which is one of the main reasons why they ended week four with an 0-2 record.

Right now they're sitting at tenth place in the stage rankings with two measly wins and six losses. (and a very abysmal -6 map differential) They're only above the Florida Mayhem and the Shanghai Dragons so in short perhaps it's best for everyone that they won't reach the overall season playoffs seeing how they're not able to really go toe-to-toe with any team in the League. Dallas on the other hand are sitting quite comfortably below the New York Excelsior with five wins and three losses. They have a tough schedule this week but if they win their match against Seoul they can have the necessary 6W-4L record to contest for Top 4. Reaching the stage playoffs after three stages of abysmal play would be a sensational achievement and they know it's within reach. Just a couple of good maps and they're in.

We're going with Dallas on this one but not with full confidence. When two inconsistent teams meet up it's always a game of inches - how well they will perform on a given map. If you're going to bet make sure to go with a lower amount, but Dallas should have this one.

Dallas Fuel 2.30 7 Loss


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