San Francisco Shock
2021-06-05 22:20:00
Washington Justice

San Francisco Shock vs Washington Justice

2021-06-05 21:16:30Posted by Petar

A fairly one-sided shellacking to close out the day — San Francisco Shock vs. Washington Justice is a blowout in the making. Still, if you're a fan of SFS (like most of us are), you're probably going to tune in. This isn't exactly the most lopsided of affairs, but San Francisco are still better across the board, both individually as well as a six-man unit. After a relatively shaky May Melee, the defending champions wasted no time in letting everyone know they mean business. They're currently riding a three-game winstreak with wins over Toronto, Dallas, and London — not exactly the most spectacular of opponents, but that 3-1 win over the Fuel certainly has a bit of weight to it, especially given the fashion in which Dallas steamrolled through all opposition mere weeks ago.

Washington, on the other hand, have pretty much imploded beyond measure and have been on the receiving end of things for quite a while now. After a couple of spectacular showings at the start of the season, they regressed in the most shocking of ways, and it's really hard to understand what went awry. Did the June Joust hero pools affect them *that* much? Or is there something else at play? It's impossible to know at this point in time, but they're obviously struggling and shouldn't be able to put up much of a fight against a team of San Francisco's caliber. Regardless, they'll probably try, so here's hoping they make things at least a little bit competitive!

San Francisco Shock Betway 1.35 10 Win


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