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2019-08-10 02:45:00
Shanghai Dragons

San Francisco Shock vs Shanghai Dragons

2019-08-09 17:12:55Posted by Petar

If you are the Shanghai Dragons, this is as hard of an opener of the third week as they could have gotten. Being put up against the Stage two finalist, who is also considered one of the strongest teams in competitive Overwatch right now will definitely be a big challenge, but the Dragons have a few aces up their sleeve as well. What awaits us is a very exciting clash between the Shanghai Dragons and the San Francisco Shock.

This match-up already happened recently -- we already saw these two giants clash in the Stage 3 finals. We saw a humongous effort from both teams and we were all left speechless once the match ended. The Dragons stood victorious with a four to three score, and it was definitely a clash for the ages.

We’ve seen nothing less than astounding plays from the San Francisco Shock ever since the final Stage began and since role-lock took place. They were insanely good in previous Stages as well and there is nothing that can be said about this team that hasn’t been said before. Each time they step foot on the stage they end up dictating the pace of the game and dominating in every regard. That is, of course, expected from one of the best teams this season has to offer.

We had two chances to see them play since this madness of a meta began. They fought against the Seoul Dynasty and the Los Angeles Gladiators and were able to emerge victorious on both occasions. Their play is still amazing, even more now that they get to play various DPS heroes. The Shock are staggeringly consistent both as individuals as well as a six-man unit. We expect nothing less over the coming weeks as well.

As for the Shanghai Dragons, it's hard not to sing their praises after their spectacular resurgence. They are an amazing team that has progressed so much throughout the season. Unfortunately, their hype train didn't last for long. Ever since the final stage began they were unable to find much success. They were put up against the Vancouver Titans right from the get-go and got crushed with three to one score in the Titans' favor. After that, they beat Seoul Dynasty before ultimately succumbing to the Toronto Defiant. An unexpected twist, to say the least.

The game is still in a very unpredictable state. It is as volatile as possible and it makes predicting anything with confidence an impossible endeavor. What we know, however, is that the Dragons are still improving. We can’t expect them to become the number one team in the league but their future definitely shines bright.

In the end, we simply have to side with the San Francisco Shock on this one. Choosing any other option would be ill-advised after seeing such consistently dominant play from the former Stage champions. They're not perfect, but they have the right tools in order to get the win tonight. That said, expect an absolute barnburner.

San Francisco Shock Pinnacle 1.46 3 Win


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