San Francisco Shock
2021-06-06 23:40:00
Atlanta Reign

San Francisco Shock vs Atlanta Reign

2021-06-06 23:18:14Posted by Petar

The June Joust tournament is right around the corner, and the winner of this particular match will get a direct ticket! Naturally, most folks will side with the San Francisco Shock on this one and, well, there's a good reason why. They're better across the board than Atlanta and will surely prove it, too.

They haven't been all that consistent ever since the season began, but they've done more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt. Heck, they're the defending two-time champions for a reason! Atlanta, to their credit, have done admirably well throughout the June Joust qualifiers, but their road ends here; it's simply hard to envision a world in which they're able to trade blows with a team of San Francisco's caliber. They're good, but just not good *enough.*

The Shock, on the other hand, seem to have gotten a hang of the June Joust meta and their four consecutive wins prove it too. Now sure, wins over the Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and the Washington Justice aren't worth all that much, but their 3-1 triumph over Dallas certainly is. Whether they're as good as we've been lead on to believe is up for debate, but they should still be a cut above Atlanta.

In any case, we simply have to go with the defending champs on this one. Atlanta will surely put up a fight (perhaps a much bigger one than most folks expect), but they shouldn't be able to get the "W" if San Francisco bring their A game.

San Francisco Shock 1xBet 1.38 2 Loss


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