2020-12-12 21:50:00

Reynor vs HeRoMaRinE

2020-12-12 18:50:32Posted by gimme

Another match that the odds are unbalanced, it's a 70-30 max 75-25 to Reynor. The Italian Z player is better than HeroMarine but the T player wins some series, in this year they played 12 series, HeroMarine won 4. Come on, it's another good odd to do a risky bet, HeroMarine sometimes do a good surprise, if he takes the risk to do some new build (like Widow Mine), I believe he can win, if he does Macro every map, it will be an easy match to Reynor. The bet has value.

HeRoMaRinE Pinnacle 4.98 4 Loss


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