2020-12-13 23:35:00

Reynor vs Elazer

2020-12-13 23:31:16Posted by gimme

The market opened late to SC2 today, I just pick one match, Reynor against ELazer. Reynor it's #2 world rank; Elazer #17. How many times did I saw Reynor beat Serral (best player of the SC2 history, Z player too)? A lot! Reynor has one of the best ZvZ in the world (maybe the best), but somehow he does not perform well against Elazer, let's see... H2H 30-30, they played 5 series this year, Elazer won a single one, but in 2018 they played 6 series and Elazer won 5 (in the same year, Reynor had an H2H positive against Serral). Elazer is in good form (won 10 of the last 11 matches) and came prepared for this tournament, some new all-in builds, very interesting (yesterday he won Stats, 3-1). What I'm talking about? These odds are unbalanced, should be 1.4~1.45 to Reynor and 3~3.5 to Elazer, not 1.21 and 4.34. So, this bet has value, in my opinion. He can do another good surprise!

Elazer 1xBet 4.34 4 Win


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