2020-12-12 23:20:00

Ragnarok vs Zest

2020-12-12 16:44:13Posted by gimme

Ragnarok #6 world rank; Zest #16. ;

Ragnarok won the last 3 matches, including Trap twice of the last 3 matches -> Trap it's a better player than Zest;

Zest has an H2H advantage (60-50) and won 8 of the last 10 meetings. Somehow the Zest gameplay fits against Ragnarok (probably his Air Toss).

It's a very hard game to predict but it's some value to bet on Ragnarok, he has a good ZvP (he won Trap and Stats this month), it's a risky bet but has value!

Ragnarok Betway 2.55 8 Loss


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