Quantum Bellator Fire
2018-05-17 11:00:00

Quantum Bellator Fire vs forZe

2018-05-16 13:03:03Posted by FlXWare

Welcome to a different report from FlXWare, which is specialized in the diagnosis of up coming CS:GO matches.

Inside this tip we are going to be covering the match with Quantum Bellator Fire participating in against forZe in the GG.BET Majestic Closed Qualifier.

They will be playing a Best of 3 from the Group B opening match.

Boombl4 will take part in this match and has just played about 99 maps in the last a couple of weeks. With a HTLV evaluation of 1.08 he can greatly help determine the game.

Previously Quantum Bellator Fire has won 1 matches versus forZe whilst forZe has won 0 matches in opposition to Quantum Bellator Fire. They'd 1 overtimes however.

Quantum Bellator Fire has recently won 1 match and dropped 3. They have played 348 games in total which they won 168 matches and misplaced 180. They've a K/D ratio of 0.97.

They have a triumph rate of 46.7 percent on Mirage, 34.4 percent on Cache and also 52.1 percent on Inferno.

forZe on the opposite side has just won 2 games and misplaced 3. They have played 131 matches at total what they won 57 matches and misplaced 74. They've a K/D ratio of 0.97.

They really have a win rate of 43.2% on Mirage, 0.0 percent on Cache and also 48.4 percent on Inferno.

According to my recent adventure with both of these teams I am going to go with Quantum Bellator Fire. Superior luck gambling!

Essential: Don't totally rely in my investigation and make your own personal opinion relating to this game. You are able to use my analysis as a starting place nevertheless. Never blindly bet!

Thank you for reading this particular article.

Quantum Bellator Fire 1.45 7 Loss


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