2019-08-22 10:00:00
Vici Gaming

PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming

2019-08-22 07:24:17Posted by Kharwalgamer

The teams will play with each other at The International 2019 up to two wins. Both teams are placed in the upper bracket, so the losing roster will not leave the competition but will get to its lower part.

Both Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD were ones of the best in the group stage, and at the playoff stage they defeated TNC Predator and Virtus.Pro, respectively. The roster look really strong and they are likely to be seen at the grand final and one of them can get to three best for sure.

By the way, the tournament is taking place in China and these two teams are two main hopes of the fans, so PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming are over-motivated.

Both teams know each other well as they play qualifiers in the same region and they have met with each other for many times at rating championships, so any of them are able to get the victory, however, we will lean towards Maybe and the team.

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