2020-12-13 14:30:00
Izako Boars

PACT vs Izako Boars

2020-12-13 01:38:44Posted by gimme

I really don't like to bet in matches involving these teams (inconsistent teams) but I expect a fair game. PACT won all four series between them, they have the H2H advantage, better map pool, and better rank. By the way, Izako Boars lost 4 of the last 5 matches, including 2-1 to PACT last week. I expect a close victory to PACT 2-1 (maybe 2-0 in two close maps). The map choices will be Inferno (Izako) and Inferno/Overpass(PACT).

PACT Pinnacle 1.59 10 Win


gimme 2020-12-13 14:58:47

The map choices probably will be Train (Izako) and Inferno/Overpass(PACT).*