OpTic Gaming
2018-10-03 14:13:00
ENCE eSports

OpTic Gaming vs ENCE eSports

2018-10-03 12:46:09Posted by MeekyMFC

Ence have struggled to find form of late meanwhile Optic have gelled quickly with the new 5 qualifying fairly comfortably for ECS Season 6 with results over Space Soldiers, HAVU, and LDLC.

However, based on the fact this is a BO1 on the map train, im siding with Ence to suprise on this matchup. Ence have been fairly solid on this map where as Optic have struggled and lost to North in the ECS qualifiers on this map with the "new 5".

Hoping the lineup needs time to gel and get to grips with train, and going with Ence's strong record on this map, im siding with the upset.

ENCE eSports 2.25 10 Win


shamalamadingdong 2018-10-03 13:06:18
Interesting choice, if this was a LAN-game i definitely would have picked Optic. But online its often more comfortable for the underdog. Main challenge for Ence: probably Juig and his awp.
MeekyMFC 2018-10-03 13:17:42
Totally agree and should probably have mentioned the fact it was online. If this was LAN Ence would have no chance imo. Online however there is upset potential, should be an interesting match and you are right, hopefully Allu can outshine him.