2018-03-13 19:15:00
Team Heroic

North vs Team Heroic

2018-03-13 17:31:46Posted by NocturaCS

ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe ,

Another week, another few great series of both North American and European ESL Pro League. In this series of the European side of things, we have a battle of the Danish. Teams North and Heroic will be facing off against one another in two separate best of one games. This analytic article will be more centrally focussed on the second of the two games being played. This first game will be a best of one on the predetermined map Inferno. Should be set to be a good game but their is an extra additive to this time in particular that I feel will create a clear view on who will win.

North :

North is the second best Danish team in the world, sitting just behind Astralis. With former Astralis member Kjaerbye now on the team, the squad has reached a more competitive level and I feel they have some tenacity to make big strides towards the main stages of large events. Although right now we are playing some online matches for ESL Europe, this is a good time for North to be practicing and getting closer as a team in order to overcome harder opponents on LAN, as I feel in this match up between themselves and Heroic, might not be as close as it seems.

North's maps are as followed ; Inferno is 7-5, Train is 2-5, Mirage is 3-3, Overpass is 3-3, Cobblestone is 1-4, Nuke is 1-0, and Cache is the perma ban.

Heroic :

Heroic right now, is the third best Danish team. Though I feel on regular conditions they could compete and possibly upset North in today's match ups, they will be far from victory because of a statment made by the org themselves. Star player and primary AWPer JUgi, will be missing the next few weeks due to personal issues. This means that the usual top of the leader board and carry will be absent from the squad. With this being said, even though Heroic have strong roots as a team, it would be as if S1mple from Navi had to take a break from that team. The team would not be able to win without him. That is what I feel for Heroic.

Heroic's maps are as followed ; Mirage is 10-6, Inferno is 6-8, Train is 11-3, Cobblestone is 5-4, Overpass is 3-5, Nuke is 3-2, and Cache is the perma ban.

Map Pick/Ban :

As previously stated, the series is a best of one with the predetermined map of Inferno. Giving North some map advantage even though Heroic have had some time playing Inferno, North has the better win rate.

Final Thoughts:

In this match up my final thoughts boil down to the fact that JUgi will not be joining his team in these coming best of ones. He is the star player and I don't think Heroic would have the success they are having without him. North look to be on the rise as of late so I advise for a heavy bet on North.

north 1.53 8 Loss


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