2019-01-27 14:45:00
Team EnVy

North vs Team EnVy

2019-01-27 14:19:14Posted by vvvv

North ranked #11 from Denmark are clashing against team Envy ranked #40 from the United States of America in the IEM Katowice 2019 Minor Play-in that has four teams competing for the prize of 2 spots at IEM Katowice 2019 Major Main Qualifier. This tournament is played on LAN in Katowice, Poland.

This is best of 3 type of match.

North map highlights in the previous three months: Cache is at 100,0% win rate on three played maps WIN/DRAW/LOSS - 3/0/0, Dust2 66,7% on six played maps 4/0/2, Nuke 66,7% on nine played maps 6/0/3, Mirage 50,0% on eight played maps 4/0/4, Inferno 50,0% on 16 played maps 8/0/8, Train 20,0% on five played maps 1/0/4, and Overpass with 20,0% on five played maps 1/0/4.

Envy map performance in the last three months: Dust2 is at 85,7% on seven played maps WON/TIED/LOST - 6/0/1, Mirage 75,0% on 12 played maps 9/0/3, Cache 50,0% on eight played maps 4/0/4, Train 36,4% on 11 played maps 4/0/7, Overpass 33,3% on nine played maps 3/0/6, and Inferno with 25,0% win rate on four played maps 1/0/3.

Pistol performance in the previous 50 days both on offline (LAN) & online events goes to team Envy who have 61,5% over team North who have 55,9% win rating total.

North played 14 maps in January and won seven, converted, they played seven games and won three. In December they played seven maps and won four, in other words, they played four games and won two. In November they played 23 maps and won 11, converted, they played 15 games and won eight. During October they played eight maps and won five, converted, they played the same amount of games since they all were best of 1.

Envy played 14 maps in January and won five, converted, they played seven games and won three. During December they played 26 maps and won 17, converted, they played ten games and won eight. In November they played eight maps and won two. In October they played three maps and won all three.

OK, so some weird stuff happened yesterday, and today, North lost against ViCi Gaming, and Envy lost to Winstrike, the Winstrike win is ok and understandable, but North losing go ViCi was a completely random event, what can you do, sometimes you win and sometimes whatever you do you just cannot win. This is a very odd match to bet on, but i give a slight advantage to North, they are simply more experienced players, and i think they can come back mentally from the loss against ViCi.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

Over 2.5 2.37 1 Loss


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