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North vs ENCE eSports

2019-01-19 18:06:51Posted by vvvv

North ranked #10 from Denmark are facing team ENCE ranked #11 from Finland in the Europe Minor - IEM Katowice 2019 that has eight teams fighting for the $50,000 and 2 spots at IEM Katowice Major Main Qualifier and one spot for Minor Playoff. This tournament is played on Lan in Katowice, Poland.

This is best of 3 type of match; the winner will qualify further.

North map performance in the last three months: Cache is at 100,0% win rate on three played maps, Dust2 is at 72,4% on seven played maps, Inferno 68,8% on 16 played maps, Nuke 66,7% on nine played maps, Mirage 42,9% on seven played maps, Train 33,3% on six played maps, and Overpass with 16,7% win rate on six played maps.

ENCE map highlights in the previous three months: Cache is at 100,0% win rate on only one played map, Nuke 87,5% on eight played maps, Mirage 75,0% on 12 played maps, Train 66,7% on 12 played maps, Overpass 66,7% on six played maps, Dust2 55,6% on nine played maps, and Inferno with 42,9% win rate.

Pistol performance in the previous thirty days only on LAN events goes to team North who have a slight advantage over ENCE with 68,8% over 66,7% win rating total.

North has played eight maps in January and won six, converted, they played four games and won three. In December last year =] they played seven maps and won four, converted, they played four games and won two. In November they played 23 maps and won 11, in other words, they played 15 games and won eight.

ENCE played six maps in January and won five, in other words, they played three matches and won all three. During December they played 16 maps and won 12, in other words, they played seven matches and won six. In November they played 19 maps and won 12.

Very nice match to bet on, the odds are juicy, and both teams are in an excellent form. During the group stage, North was 2nd in the Group B with three matches played, two wins, one loss, a round difference of +10 and six points. ENCE was in the same group but on the 1st place with two played maps, two wins, a round difference of +27 and six points. In the Upper bracket, North demolished team Vitality 2-0 (16-14 on Nuke and 16-12 on Dust2), while ENCE won against team Valiance&CO 2-1 (9-16 on Dust2, 16-11 on Mirage, and 16-9 on Train). If we look at those maps, North is very favorable on Cache, Dust2, and Inferno, but somehow they played a lot of Train games in recent weeks with a 50-50 win-lose rate so we can see that map today again. ENCE is very good Nuke, Mirage, and that Train, Cache is their best map at the moment, but the sample of played Cache maps is too small, so i won't consider that. These two teams played two matches in 2018, and the score is 1-1, with both matches going to over 2,5 maps. The good thing would be to bet on over 2,5 maps, why? Because their matches in 2018 were all very close, meaning only he finesses impacted the winners.

I believe ENCE will be the smarter team today, they have such a great form and those wins in recent weeks agaisnt various teams and skills will help them in today's match. Safe bet will be ENCE +1,5 handicap, or medium bet on over 2,5 maps.

Good luck to all who bet, and don't forget to gamble responsibly!

ENCE eSports 1.75 10 Win


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