New York Excelsior
2021-05-30 09:10:00
Los Angeles Valiant

New York Excelsior vs Los Angeles Valiant

2021-05-29 17:53:28Posted by Vqx7

Valiant and NY Excel have played 6 times in the past and excel has won 4 out of the 6. la valiant has won the last 2 of 3 hvh though 3-1 and 3-2 in 2018. they played in stage 4 w3 in 2018 and in stage 4 for the title. their last hvh they lost 2-3 in OWL 2019 of s1 w2. LA valiant is fielding a mostly chinese squad, and excel is korean.

Los Angeles Valiant Pinnacle 7.74 10 Loss


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