New York Excelsior
2017-12-08 02:00:00
Boston Uprising

New York Excelsior vs Boston Uprising

2017-12-07 03:00:51Posted by Petar

New York Excelsior is essentially a rebranded LW Blue. They had a moderate amount of success over the current year, but the biggest amount of their hype arguably comes from the most recent showing by some of their members that were representing Korea at this year’s Overwatch World Cup. Much like in every other eSports game, Korea was the heavy favorite, however they had to break a sweat to get to the grand finals. That said, whenever their backs were against the wall, whenever they had an obstacle they had to overcome they did it with unexpected ease. They showcased an incredible ability to adapt to whatever the United States, France and Canada had to throw at them. In addition they showed some creative tricks on multiple maps and team comps. When people see Saebyolbe play some of the best Tracer in the world, Mano’s seemingly indestructable Winston and Flow3r’s mindblowing, game-bending Widow and Genji play, it’s hard not to be excited for New York Excelsior.

Obviously only time will tell whether or not this team has the tools to contest a Top 3 spot in the Overwatch League, but the odds are on their side. (especially when Flow3r turns 18 and becomes a starter)

On the other side we have Boston Uprising. On paper they’re looking like a fairly solid team however their roster has been formed from a plethora of teams that had varying levels of success. They’re all of different nationalities, so to top it all off they’re not immune to any language barrier issues. They’re not a powerhouse by any means and their realistic skill ceiling is yet to be determined. Regardless, they occupy the different end of the spectrum in comparison to the New York Excelsior which is the reason why you should bet on NYXL with medium to high stakes.

New York Excelsior 1.44 7 Win


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