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mousesports vs NRG

2018-05-16 12:52:46Posted by FlXWare

Welcome to another article from FlXWare, which is specialized in the investigation of upcoming CS:GO matches.

Inside this tip we'll be covering the game with mousesports actively playing against NRG in the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals.

They will be playing a Best of 3 in the Group A lower bracket semi-final.

nahtE will participate within this match and has recently played about 79 maps in the last 3 months. Using a HTLV rating of 1.31 he can greatly influence the match.

In the past mousesports has won 1 games against NRG whilst NRG has won 0 matches in opposition to mousesports. They'd 0 overtimes however.

mousesports has just won 2 matches and misplaced 3. They've played 1153 games at total which they won 646 matches and misplaced 503. They have a K/D ratio of 1.04.

They have a win rate of 63.1 percent on Mirage, 59.5% on Cache and also 49.6 percent on Inferno.

NRG around the opposite side has recently won 2 matches and lost 3. They've played 460 matches in total what they won 247 games and misplaced 213. They have a K/D ratio of 1.03.

They really have a triumph rate of 61.7 percent on Mirage, 44.4% on Cache and 62.5% on Inferno.

According to my recent experience with both of these teams I am going to go along with mousesports. Good luck gambling!

Important: Do not absolutely rely upon my investigation and produce your own opinion about this particular match. You may utilize my investigation as being a starting point nevertheless. Never blindly bet!

Thanks for reading this article.

mousesports 1.33 7 Win


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